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Cadet Academy cost

Turn key approach

Cadet Academy has been designed to address all of the obstacles associated with a traditional flight training route. We have developed a turn-key approach which is similar to many colleges. You are responsible for one price. All costs associated with becoming a professional pilot are covered in that one price.

The majority of flight schools charge students by the flight hour, meaning students all pay different amounts, based on their learning speed. Cadet Academy is different in that it offers a set course cost for the completion of each step, allowing you to work at your own pace. This fixed cost method provides you with the highest quality training and eliminates surprise costs.

Partner schools

Each of our partner schools have slightly different tuition driven by different training aircraft and location. Regardless of which school you select, you will receive a consistently high level of training.

Phoenix, AZ

Coast Flight
Dallas, TX
San Marcos, TX
San Diego, CA

Fort Lauderdale, FL

$89,165 $89,905 $79,185
The price of the program includes all training, materials, and uniforms. The cost of housing and meals can be added if necessary. Cadet Academy is designed to avoid any unforeseen expenses.

Loan program

Stay tuned for more information on our financing opportunities.